Sometimes it’s disgusting and then it breaks your heart.

Gardening, that is. First, it was the squash bugs. I probably didn’t tell you they looked like this:

If you squint, it kind of looks like the friendly cochroach on WALL-E. In real life, they are so much so less charming with being the bringer-of-zucchini-death and, of course, the overzealous production of all of these:

which then grow into THESE:

ARGH, right? I just find them horrific. (images from here)

THEN my cucumber plant died, which is only mildly annoying because once I started to grow cucumbers, I remembered that I didn’t really like to eat them. And neither does John. But, oh, oh, oh – whatever killed my cucumber? Well, now it’s targeting my cantaloupe vines. The internet says aggressive pruning might save the plant and since I fancy myself a plant surgeon, I went at it, but I turned out to be less like McDreamy (early seasons) and more like a five-year-old-left-alone-with-Barbies-and-a-pair-of-safety-scissors, meaning I pruned much too much.  I could have cried I was so irritated with myself, but being that I was outside, all my body’s tears were being re-directed into sweat BECAUSE IT STILL HASN’T RAINED and, so, yeah, it was just one of those days.

And here’s the good news. The zucchini plants have completely recovered. I still don’t like cucumbers. It’s likely that the cantaloupe plant will rebound and only mind a little bit that I hacked off so many of it’s extremities … and if it doesn’t? Well, cantaloupes are like a buck, right?


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