This is all happy news.

My birthday is on Friday, and I insist on celebrating all week long. John gave me a gift last night:

A chic little basket for my bike! I love it.

My garden also got the memo that it needs to give me something other than a headache (please and thank you!), as our tomatoes are finally ripening. So if you need me anytime in the near future, I’ll probably be eating a BLT sandwich (on Udi’s GF Bread, naturally). Happy birthday to me!

Another exciting thing is also on the vine …


So really, despite all my recent complaining, the front garden is doing quite well. Two days of rain really did wonders. The first set of sunflowers are starting to droop, but the later-plantings are just now getting heads. The plant that has encroached on everyone’s personal space is the watermelon, and our eggplant (front left) is finally doing something other than looking pathetic.

The cantaloupe also rebounded, and it’s just now developing little melon nodes.

The best part about growing non-trellised melons is that weed control is a non issue. The worst part is that I’m constantly reminding them to give the other plants a little bit of breathing room. I have a feeling that things are going to get a bit crazy before too long.


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