Sometimes I blog more for my benefit than for yours, Dear Internet.

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I don’t keep a journal, but I like to keep records. To that point, I’ve saved every day planner I’ve ever owned since freshman year of high school. I just can’t bare to throw them out, even though I know they are only filled with homework assignments and times of dentist appointments and doodles. It’s my life, in scheduled format, since 2001.

Along the same vein, I blog. One day, someone might ask what our life was like when we were young-and-starting-out and this (this!) is my proof of it all. Or maybe, when I’m old and bored, I’ll want to remember all the little details that you lose while living life – and here it all is. So if you ever wonder why my blog posts are dull, there you go. I’m not really writing for you (at least not all the time). (But you are important! And I’m glad you’re here!).

AND NOW that I’ve grandized what is really-and-truly-a-few-weekly-rambles-about-watermelons-and-tomato-gardening … my birthday week has been lovely, and so messy, and so very lovely (again, yes!).

John snuck out of the house so he could deliver some  flowers properly (meaning, he rung the doorbell so I could be surprised). The Neon had a disagreement with a pole, and will be getting a new door + new paint (so … happy birthday to me!). My mom and her-big-news drove up to visit, and brought along a fantastic present in the form of my bestie Corrine, so we got to hang out one more time before she moves back to Germany. John made margaritas using fresh limes and we all stayed up much-too-late. On my actual day-of-birth, some of my favorite local people gathered round for a picnic and outdoor concert and I got to hold a baby. A perfect night if I’ve ever known one. Then this morning, my dad and stepmom drove west for lunch + catching up. They even let me give them a garden tour, and you all know how much I adore giving a garden tour (if you don’t, I adore it very, very, much).

I am exhausted, but I feel so loved. Year 25 is going to be great, I just know it.





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2 responses to “Sometimes I blog more for my benefit than for yours, Dear Internet.

  1. Love this post! I blog more for me than anyone else really too! In fact, when I’m bored I find myself reading back through old posts…. but I guess I’m the type of girl who has kept every journal, diary, and yes, day planner too!

  2. Shut the front door! Katie, I’ve kept every planner since 1999… I love looking back and seeing the mundane things I did. This week I was with my aunt and she was looking at my blog and asked why I blogged about Twizzlers. I said: Cuz’ I ate the whole bag, yo! Mundane bloggers unite!

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