Book Club, September Edition.

I recently joined a book club, and thought that you, Dear Internet, might be interested in joining too. Quite clearly, you won’t be coming to the actual meeting (but I shall enjoy some chips + dip on your behalf!), but if you’d like (would you?) we could ramble on in the comments section at a later date. Or – do chat rooms still exist? Goodness, this is might be the only time in my life where I believe a chat room would be a good idea.

This month, we’re reading Say Her Name by Francisco Goldman. It’s a heartbreaker, and an except (or short story re-telling?) (The Wave) was featured in The New Yorker this past February, which is how I know it’s a heart breaker. It’s great writing though, friends (in my humble opinion!). Pick up a copy at your library, and let’s chat about it at the end of September, yes? (Anyone?)

Say Her Name, Francisco Goldman


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