I have a strong desire to name a dog George.


The perfect lead-in to the million dollar question the A-M household: could two dogs be better than one?

To my mother’s disappointment, John and I have strict plans to remain a 2 human household for another 4-5 years, barring a statistically-improbable accident or a baby being left on our doorstop. I’m telling you this because the world has convinced me that people are extremely interested in our family plans. I suppose this is the natural course of history as a lady enters her first wedding anniversary? Also, probably, likely, because I so-very-clearly love other people’s babies. (How could you not? They come with all the cuteness and a full night’s sleep. Win!)

John and I have been tossing around the second dog question for a while now. We have the space and time. If her play dates are any indication, The Pasha would like some doggie company. The expense is one we’re prepared to shoulder.

But oh, what happens when we go out of town? Dropping one pup off at my parents/in-laws is one thing. Wouldn’t two be a great imposition?

Can two dogs comfortably fit in the Neon?

Pashicakes has also spoiled us, as apart from shedding like a sheep (do sheep shed? for argument’s sake, say yes.) and catching the occasional opossum, she’s frighteningly well behaved. At least, usually. Surely we couldn’t be that lucky twice.

And let’s be realistic – can 2 dogs and 2 people fit in our bed? (We’re THOSE PEOPLE, it’s true. Still – my feet are never cold! Ever!)

Are you a 2 dog household, or simply aching to give me your opinion about how I should live life? I’m curious to get your thoughts, Internet.



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4 responses to “I have a strong desire to name a dog George.

  1. Do it! Then Pasha will have someone to play with! I dream of the day we can have two pups… No dreams about children. Just dogs ; ) Also, I’ve always wanted to name a dog Francisco….

  2. Emily Phillips

    If Royal lived closer, he could live with you for a bit as a test-run. The two pups seem similar enough. If you could handle those two, I say, go for it. 🙂 Also, I think it’s hilarious that Pasha’s name is so unique…and then you want a “George”. 😉

  3. I always grew up with two dogs. We’d have short stints in between when we’d be a one-dog family, but it never lasted long. I love having two dogs. The only bad thing is that I always fear a ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’ scenario. (If you’ve never read that book, save yourself the tears and skip it.)

    Right now, I have just Maverick, but he visits his ‘cousin’ – my parents’ dog Shelby- almost once a week. I’m actually thinking about getting a cat (less maintenance) as a buddy for him. I’m not worried about them getting along (he plays with my brothers cat all the time), btu more worried that he will get jealous that I’m spending time with another animal….

  4. For 8 years I had one dog, Max, and I always wanted to get a second dog for him. But I will say that it has been a lot harder than we thought. Max and Hazel didn’t get along at first, and so we had to pay a socialization coach. Hazel isn’t great with strangers yet, so we always have to kennel her when we leave town (which isn’t cheap) and they go through their pricey dog food twice as fast. BUT in all honesty, I love Hazel so much. The extra cost and the initial hassle has definitely been worth it.

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