And they are EVERYWHERE. Yuck. Some internet source was all, “Don’t worry about them! It’s too late in the season! Peace and goodwill, man!” and I naively believed it, but now the plants are starting to wilt and look sad and I THINK THE INTERNET LIED TO ME.

My insecticide of choice (Sevin) can’t be used more than 3x a season (or … I don’t know. The consquence is mysteriously vague.), so this was the last application for the season, friends. Fingers crossed they all die this time!

In happier news, I picked 17 (large) tomatoes on my lunch break today. In the happiest news, we’re expecting rain this weekend. Happy Friday, dear Internet!




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2 responses to “SQUASH BUGS ARE BACK.

  1. Carina Collins

    Be careful with the Sevin…I worked with it a lot when I worked at Bayer CropScience. And it’s definitely got a nasty active ingredient.

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