Dogs and Garden Growth

She’s not the perfect dog …

But I do like her.

Speaking of my babies, remember how little this garden started out?

And now?

Thriving, clearly. I harvested my first (5) eggplant(s) this morning, and in celebration we’re making Ratatouille tonight.

Garden lesson for the week: did you know that if your watermelons don’t get a lot of water, and then suddenly get a lot of water (a la rainstorm) that they will spilt right open? I do now. John told me that it rained on Saturday, and when I went to check on our biggest melon, it looks as though someone had cut out a slice from it. My heart nearly broke in two.

Composting lesson for the week: My uncle is a worm farmer, and told me that one of his large boxes of worms (for vermicomposting) can eat an entire watermelon in a week. When I had to compose MY watermelon, I anticipate it being the only time in my life where I really wish I had a big box of worms.


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One response to “Dogs and Garden Growth

  1. So jealous of your garden! And I would like to request a report on the ratatouille, I’ve always wanted to make it and I’m just so curious!

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