Weekend Wonder.

My college roommate got married this weekend, and it was all sorts of perfect. Weddings are a magic I never get tired of (never ever), and when it’s two of your favorite people in the entire world tying the knot, with another best friend in attendance? Might as well have been Christmas. Nope, probably better than Christmas.

My hair looked like this:

Two bridesmaids looked like this:

And the bride, in her amazing made-just-for-her-no-other-in-the-world-like-it wedding dress? Stunning (as it should be!).

It was a bit of a trek home, and J. and I were both feeling the drag that comes when a fun weekend is officially over (do you get those blues too?). Luckily, halfway through the trip we got to pick up The Pasha from her weekend vacation-with-the-grandparents, and let me tell you right-this-second: there is no better ego trip than having your pup greet you after two days of missing you. You would have thought I was made of bacon.

We got home just in time to grab takeout and see how far the watermelon had invaded (answer: everywhere!). Melons have officially commandeered the patio chairs, and are growing in their shade. Crazy!



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