In need of a good cry?

I’m in the midst of a grant report, which means I’m copying a lot of information from a complicated color-coded Excel spreadsheet onto an online application, which means I spent the day alternating from Pandora stations (Bruno Mars for the win!) and documentaries and movies (Did you know Gidget is on YouTube?!), because copying and pasting only requires so many brain cells.

And oh, oh, oh – I watched Dear Zachary (it’s on instant watch on Netflix) and oh my goodness – great, heartbreaking documentary. You should watch it and then call me and we can cry together on how horrible the world is sometimes (and then maybe talk about how surely there must be a heaven because some stories just can’t end the way they do on earth, you know?).

And then, when we’re done crying, you can go to You Tube and watch Gidget and hope that Sandra Dee will redeem your evening. Sounds good, yes?

(No really, go watch both movies).

(But really, honest-to-goodness, watch Gidget last).


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