Mixture of messes

  • I’ve had Dove chocolate for breakfast all week. I made the drastic mistake of putting the entire bag in the fridge and I just cannot, cannot, cannot resist the lure of cold chocolate. I get annoyed when John calls me out on my bad eating habits, but in this case he was totally right. I can’t be trusted with junk food, Internet.
  • I slept through my dentist appointment today, and am so annoyed with myself. Going to the dentist gives me major anxiety, so now I have to build myself up for the appointment ALL OVER AGAIN. Plus, what capable adult sleeps through an appointment?! (Granted, it was early …)
  • Speaking of dentists, I switched dentists because the one I was seeing is too fancy. (Text messages to confirm appointments? Cable TV in the chairs? Flat screen TVs in the waiting room? How do you think he affords such things? OVERPRICING YOUR CAVITIES.). I’m such an old woman sometimes. Anyway, I had to pop in to get my old dental x-rays and when they asked why I was switching, I couldn’t very well tell them it was because I didn’t want the imperfections of my smile paying for someone else’s ability to watch Ellen while getting a cavity filled, so I lied. I told them that John and I are consolidating our doctors and he won the Dentist Round of paper, rock, scissors … and they believed me. Do real people settle arguments that way? Really? Anyway, consider this my confession for lying. I feel less guilty now.


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3 responses to “Mixture of messes

  1. bahaha. This is awesome. But that reminds me that I haven’t had Dove chocolate in forever.

  2. I HATE going to the dentist. Seriously. I hate it.

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