The garage sale gods are listening to me today.

Last week, I decided I needed a shoe rack … but Craig’s List had too high of expectations. I had just about resigned myself to spending some dollars on a new one when – luck of all lucks! – my neighbor had a garage sale. And guess what I got for $2?!

GUYS! It’s real wood! And beautiful! And $2!
Unrelated, but equally exciting, I’ve been tending the garden all morning (needed, since I ignored it most of the month) and while I thought I had located all the watermelons, I didn’t! Not at all! One escaped my census! Which means that I was surprised by this beauty this morning …
Like my fake smile? It’s because the photographer, also known as my husband, kept instructing me to RAISE IT HIGHER because he couldn’t see it and man, doesn’t he know that watermelons are heavy?!

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