Garden Update: End of August

We had crazy-beautiful weather this weekend, and I had big plans to FIX THE ENTIRE YARD, which we ignored for the entire month of August. It didn’t happen, of course, but I did manage to weed both vegetable plots and right now I’m busy patiently waiting for John to mow and do the trim. (You see, John has very strong feelings about ladies and lawnmowers, to the tune of they should not interact. We’ve had actual real-life arguments over it! With yelling! But I’ve since given up, as he is unmovable in his archaic stance and after all, it’s only grass).

What has changed in the upper garden? Watermelon is continuing to challenge everyone’s patience with it’s overbearing growing habits (should have known!), but we have 8 melons on the vine and that I find entertaining. We’re planning a BBQ and I fully plan on doing this. Also, the zucchini is dead and gone (sob!) and the yellow squash is 90% there. You can send your condolences in the form of Dove chocolate to my house.

The back garden looks splendid because I mistakenly let the soaker hose run all Saturday night and well-into-Sunday morning. It was a horrible discovery and in a less-than-fine moment, I cursed loud enough to alarm the neighborhood and wake up John.

AAANNNDDD I repainted the picnic table! It’s really green! But it compliments the sunflowers, at least!


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