Can I get an AMEN for Friday?

Let’s just say that after this week, I’ve never felt a 3-day weekend was so deserved. And it’s not even work! It’s just life. I’m ever-so-looking forward to three days where I have more energy than to simply succumb to our couch and watch Downton Abbey (oooo you should watch that on Netflix).

My plans are minimal and lovely. We’re having separate spousal happy hours this evening (John + his department, me and my girlfriends), and then I’m watching two sleeping babes so their mama can prepare for her roller derby try-out (I have neat neighbors). This weekend, we’re installing-some-doors and painting-some-walls, and maybe, just maybe, evicting the spider webs that have plagued my laundry room since Move In Day. Oh! And there’s a Cheese Festival in a neighboring city – don’t you think that’s worth a visit? Most likely.


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