Photo album for our modern time.

My mom was very diligent about our photo albums as a kid, so I am lucky to have a tangible, detailed guide to my childhood. My adult life? Different story. I never print photos unless they are going in frames (what else do you do with them?). Everything else is stored on the computer, which has very clear limitations on reminiscing (mostly, the internet is a distraction that my past life, however exciting, cannot usually contend with). So I made a midyear resolution to do better … starting with those pesky wedding pictures:

I used a Groupon for Picaboo, which made our 90 page book much more affordable. Page quality isn’t the tops for a standard book, but the software you use to create the book is crazy-easy and it didn’t take too long to pull it together.

Blurb is another neat online tool, which allows you to upload your blog, along with photos, and print that sucker into a book. I kept a blog when I spent a year aboard (just for family and friends, although I learned later that my dad shared it with his entire staff … ! Geez, Pop), and I’m excited to have a more concrete memento from that time, Celiac Diagnosis withstanding (I was diagnosed by the English NHS).



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2 responses to “Photo album for our modern time.

  1. Love your book!! Although it just makes me feel guilty for still not having done anything with our wedding photos…which were taken, oh, about a year before yours…. Yikes. Haven’t looked into Picaboo…clearly, I need to. 🙂

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