Cool, wet weather

It reminds me first of 5th Grade Camp, a now-discontinued tradition of my childhood school where you take a bunch of 10 and 11 year olds camping for half a week. John tells me now that it’s not “real” camping because we had bunk beds and indoor plumbing and ate in a cafeteria, but hello! 3 nights away from home? Making birdhouses? Sleeping in a sleeping bag? Team building exercises?! C-A-M-P-I-N-G.

Then it reminds me of England. Last night I biked home from my neighbors’ and it was raining just enough to make me wish that I had covered my bike seat and had worn a jacket – I was practically abroad, you see.

My watermelon vines are drying up, and my tomatoes are taking longer to mature on the vine. Garden posts are numbered, dear Internet. To hold you over until NEXT growing season, here’s one more picture of a giant zucchini (a gift from our neighbors, upon word that our squash had passed).

So long, summer.


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  1. That squash is ridiculous! You could feed a family of 4 with that thing!

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