(Not a real) Emergency.

Ok dear friends and Internet strangers. You’re brilliant, you know that? Let’s put that brilliance to work.

I need a first anniversary gift idea for that guy I’m married to. J. has been talking up his gift for WEEKS and I am simply at a loss for inspiration, but you! You are full of great ideas and wonderful things (you know you are!)! So, inspire me (please?)!

This post is quite self-serving, so here’s an adorable photo of Pashicakes post-exercise as a reward:

Ah, she kills me.

P.S. Living creatures are off the table as gift options.


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One response to “(Not a real) Emergency.

  1. Catching up on my reader! Are you guys following the classic gifts? Meaning are you giving each other something made of paper? Parrish and I just celebrated our first anniversary. He gave me a book with all photos from our first year of marriage. I gave him a framed art piece of our last name – Ravelli – in architecture photographs.

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