I missed another dentist appointment.

My teeth are making me crazy. I do not understand how I made it through the past 4-5 years cavity free and then when I introduce them to a new dentist, they choose to stage a revolution and bare their teeth and in general, be impolite. I thought I had raised them better than that! They spent all those years in cages, you know!

I had a crown inserted (installed? awarded? reigned-down-upon?) last week and ever since then, one particular tooth in my mouth is so.very.not.pleased. After I googled “tooth pain” and convinced myself that I was going to die of an infection, I called my dentist who was all, “blah blah blah transition, why don’t you come in so I can look at it?” which seemed like a brilliant idea at 6 PM, but at 7 AM*, after waking up consistently due to said-tooth-pain? Not brilliant at all. However illogical, the desire to make up the sleep lost due to the angry tooth by sleeping through my dentist appointment made so much more sense than solving the actual problem, so in bed I stayed (after calling and canceling, naturally. I told them I was sick because clearly, my tooth is sick).

*I know this is not early for some of you real adults, but forgive me, it’s early for me. (Telecommuting**, etc, etc). WHICH REMINDS ME – funny story. The other day I had a doctor’s appointment and was asked if I “worked outside the home” (side note: do they ask boys that?) and I responded “No?” as a legitimate question because I sometimes work outside the home, but most days don’t and that response confused the Doctor.

**Before you de-friend me, remember that telecommuting has its downsides too. Like eating lunch alone! And a lack of home/work divide! Etc, etc.

The morale of the story is don’t do this. Now my dentist can’t fit me in until Tuesday, which is much closer now than when I originally started writing this post (days ago!), but still too far. Also, another lesson might be “don’t ever change dentists from your childhood provider” because that’s when all this nonsense began.

IN OTHER EXCITING NON-TOOTH RELATED NEWS … I spent last weekend with my dad + company, including the magical nephew who is still absolutely perfect. I unloaded the last two of our watermelon collection onto said company, wherein my dad debated whether or not I could actually grow a 25 lb watermelon. Pshaw Dad! My friend’s engineering husband estimated the weight himself so obviously it is true. And in even more important news, my stepmom bought me two loaves of GF french bread and oh goodness, it was amazing. I ate almost-an-entire-loaf on the mere drive home and it was so good, I’m not ashamed in the least.


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