The Danger of Shopping While Sick.

The danger of grocery shopping while sick its that I feel inclined to give into all of my little desires because I feel so rotten, which is how I walk out of Meijer with a bag of grapefruit, 3 cans of soup, and a million* bags of Halloween candy.

*Just kidding, not a million. I know, you’re thinking “Whew!”, right?

Almost-a-year-ago, J. and I were all “in sickness and in health!” and this weekend, it looks like we’ll be LIVIN’ THE VOWS. Yay? Geez sickness, you have the worst timing ever. (Throwing a pity party, you’re all invited).




A hundred times unrelated, but Momma J visited last weekend and we discussed the pros and cons of removing the back fence gate that divides our (completely fenced in) yard in half. And she was all, “Keep it! What if you get surprised by a baby?” and while I know what she meant, I can’t get the image of an infant knocking on our door, being all, “SURPRISE! I’m coming to live with you.” Also, I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to lock your babies in the backyard, Mom. JEEZ.


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