My plants’ plans for the winter season.

We’re well into sweater weather here, which means that I had to finalize some plans for my container plants. The thought of leaving them out all season gave me far too much anxiety, but the good light is limited indoors, as well as occupied (by other plants and sun-soaked Pashas alike). So I started researching grow lights systems, and then I built one.

Basement Garden:

The shelving units (an old bookcase and microwave cart) cost me $5 combined. I painted them white so that the light would reflect better (science!). Since both units are open on the sides, the next task is to use some white cardboard to close them in completely, as to help combat light loss.

After searching for grow bulbs online (holy price range), I settled on el cheapo “Plant and Aquarium” bulbs from Home Depot, $8ish/bulb. The light fixtures were also from Home Depot and were $15 or so each, and were easily installed with a couple of screws and an electrical drill.

Space was limited, however, so one plant got some special treatment …

I proud to say I’ve kept that sucker alive for 8+ years.

In addition to fresh herbs all winter long, I’m hoping I can use this set-up in the spring to get next year’s garden started from seed. I’m also probably set if I ever want to enter a life of crime.


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