Cursory Summary Of Everything I Didn’t Write About Last Month.

I momentarily swore off blogging last month, thinking that I could devote my blogging-brain-space-and-time to defeating my to-do list which at one point was made up of 15 different post it notes on my desk. 15 post it notes! And goodness sakes, those really aren’t meant to be long-term message carriers, so you can imagine the stress ball that was the Cottage these past few weeks. I’ll admit to buying the cheap-post-its whose glue dries up in 3 days, meaning half my month was spent tracking down tasks that had fallen behind my desk and became covered in dog hair, and oh my goodness was my goodness tested, but I digress – it’s December! I’m back! I missed you.

The most exciting bits of November:

  • When we were house-a-huntin’, one of the Cottage’s best selling points was its fenced in yard, 75% of which was 6ft wooden privacy fence. And would you know it that earlier this month, that beautiful selling point plum fell over in a great burst of prairie wind?! But it missed our neighbors garage, so yay? Home insurance has already sent us a check for repairs, and so we’re in the midst of a contractor search. And a decision-of-how-to-repair debate. And walking Pasha 5x a day. Lots of grumbling! Fences hate Christmas, you know.
  • We almost got a kitten! But adult logic prevailed and I remembered that I don’t like cats, and anyway, J’s little sister really wanted it.
  • Speaking of everyone’s favorite pup, we’ve (gasp!) returned to crate training. Apart from looking at me with the saddest eyes in the world that tell my soul she feels oh so rejected, she’s taken to sleeping in her crate at night without much objection. RELATED NEWS: I get so much more sleep now.
  • I discovered this. You’re welcome.
  • We bought a new couch! And then we hired a $20 Home Depot truck and moved it ourselves! I may be scrawny, but I held my own, yes indeedy. (Also, a new ottoman! and side table!)

  • In between all those moments of productivity and fence-related-nonsense, I killed at least two hours watching pregnancy reveal videos on YouTube. As long as you avoid the ones with 16 year olds, it is pure joy. I love the Internet. (No. But if I were, this would be on my Christmas list)

  • Tis the season! Merry Christmas Internet.

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One response to “Cursory Summary Of Everything I Didn’t Write About Last Month.

  1. Ack! Among all the other fun things mentioned…. that kitten is precious. 🙂

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