Thrift Find To Keep You Warm

I’ve had a 100% wool blanket on my “It’d Be Nice to Own” mental list for a while. Then one day, there it was, waiting for me in a resale store shelf in Kansas City.

It was so inexpensive it was nearly a crime, and all it needed was a quick trip to the dry cleaners (you know, after I shlepped it home on an airplane, wrapped up in it like a two year old interrupted from her nap). I love its stripes and the way its color connects it to The New Sofa, but most of all, I love that it covers up that mostly-hideous-chair-that-J-won’t-let-me-replace. Dare I say, it may be growing on me!


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One response to “Thrift Find To Keep You Warm

  1. Dot

    After having sat on that chair, I say I’m on John’s side for this one.

    But in reality: Love that blanket. It’s even better in real life. Miss you guys! Console the Pashy-cakes for me.

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