Goals for 2011: RECAP RESCHMAP

2011, you’ve been a fine friend to me. This year saw me making some new friends and settling into this new hometown of mine, growing an entire produce section, experiencing some crazy neighborhood hijinks, celebrating 1 year with the Cottagerevamping the back yard, saving a baby opossumcelebrating 1 year with that husband of mine, becoming an aunt, and a whole mess of home improvement (fence repair! new doors! new dishwasher! new microwave! new soffit and fascia! painting the garage trim! painting walls! buying adult furniture! chalkboard paint EVERYWHERE! holy moley, how are we not poor yet?)

Still, there is business to discuss. A year ago, I set some goals for you, Year 2011, and it’s time to check in and see how we both faired.

1. Travel more, see more
Done, sucka. Mexico, St. Louis, Springfield, and Kansas City … and the trend continues. So far, 2012 will send us to FL and to AL and will send ME to DC. We’ve had family talks about another European jaunt (who needs savings after all?) (Just kidding Dad! Just kidding!)

2. Get connected and write more letters
I didn’t become better at returning phone calls (my absolute worst personal trait), but I did write many-a-more letter. In particular, about a zillion to a certain friend in Germany. Equally important, I made many a new friend in my-hometown-city and have mostly stopped crying whenever I drive away from St. Louis/Kansas City (hurray!).

3. Grow some more food
If you need to be reminded, you clearly don’t read my blog enough.

4. Floss every day
TOTAL FAILURE, and my teeth let me know about it. I haven’t complained about my mouth recently, but let the fact that I’ve been to the dentist EIGHT SEPARATE TIMES during October to December speak for itself (and mostly, all for one tooth. Such a drama queen, that tooth!). So I’ll be picking up this goal again for 2012.

5. Do something scary
Not to throw myself a parade, but I did loads of scary things. I picked up a baby opossum! I attended social events all by my lonesome! I gave a professional presentation in front of a huge audience! Something-else-that-can’t-be-named-yet, lest it turn into a total disaster!

6. Remain childless
Holla! Where’s my medal?

And soon, I shall announce plans for 2012 …


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2 responses to “Goals for 2011: RECAP RESCHMAP

  1. I too have totally failed on flossing!! What the heck?!

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