January Get Away

Chilly beach

John: “If you were a Christian pop star, this would be the cover of your “I am HIS” album”

Sorting Hat at Universal

Disney Castle at Night

Trying on early retirement

Picking up Pashicakes from Dog Camp

Last week John and I stole away to Florida (with 1/2 of my family). We spent a couple of days near the beach, then took our inner children to the theme parks. I never know how to describe a vacation to people who were not there (as surely hearing how someone else spent a holiday seems so dull, yes?), but you’ll have to sit through one short paragraph as my childhood fear came true.

Brace yourself.

A ride broke when I was on it.


Oh my, it wasn’t an easy ride like Pirates of the Caribbean, where a short delay would only cause you the inconvenience of smelling a fog machine for 20 minutes and force you to talk to your fellow boat mates. No! A fully harnessed ride! After a 2 hour wait, we finally climbed abroad the flagship Harry Potter ride and suddenly, KARPLUNG SCREECH GARGH GUH POW – we were left dangling, rather high, face down, over a suddenly-dead screen, with a frozen dragon making eyes at us on the left.

Who knew that thinking you were going to die in a theme park would ruin the magic of a ride, but guys, it kind of does. (Don’t you think dying in a theme park would be an awful way to go? Can you imagine the eulogies?).

We got back on the ground, regained our composure, and being my mother’s daughter, I complained (kindly!) to Guest Services. In return, our party was given passes to skip the line and ride it again (+ similar passes for other rides! We were nearly-killed kings of the park!). (It was fun the second time).

The rest of the vacation was full of wonderful bits, and then we got to come home and pick up Pasha, and goodness, as much as I love my family and the sunshine and vacation in general, coming home to a dog? Favorite thing.


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One response to “January Get Away

  1. It scares me sometimes how much I love my dogs! I get so excited to pick them up from sleep away camp!!

    And…sorting hat?! Ummm, I’m so jealous!

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