Mending Fences.

Two (three?) months after 12 feet of our fence fell over, the contractors arrived with shiny new lumber and the hole is filled. Let us rejoice in the end of green chicken wire and plastic lattice work and concrete blocks as a temporary fence replacement! Let us praise the new concrete and posts and give thanks for new pickets!

Like everything else with the Cottage, it is a bit crooked (our home is full of character). The last bit of fence on the right is structurally sound, but permanently bowed. Replacing it would have served aesthetic needs alone, and in the battle of “using the savings to buy a new couch” v. “a completely straight fence that’s typically hidden by tomato plants,” the couch won.

And the excitement continues! The remainder of the fence …

Shall soon become my new compost bin (coming Spring 2012)! You know what that means – I’m going to learn how to use a circular saw! Wohoo!


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  1. Oh my gosh — Barber would love to come build you a compost bin! (But that would take away your fun of learning to saw). 🙂

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