This shall be a great month.

January is definitely winter, but February is a step towards spring. And you know what that means: I can start to plan the garden. (eeeeeeee!!!!!)

My illustrated spring to-do list, including sketches of what I want built

My dreams for the yard are big this year. John finally agreed that we could tear down the fence divider and we’re adding another rain barrel to the homestead, so there’s some significant landscape shuffling to be done. John also wants to stain the fence (and get chickens … but the fence is all we’ve agreed upon).

There is also a small alley along our garage leading to our neighbor’s yard, and I’m planning on (finally) clearing it of its weedy vegetation and installing a proper barricade to prevent the opossum / stray cat migration. Apparently, it’s a popular pathway for all sorts of long tailed creatures.

And oh, the plans I have for the plants! John and I have been discussing the grow list for 2012 (there was a bit of heat over the number of lettuce plants…), and the seed list is mostly determined (I’m starting them indoors this year!). There’s really only one thing left to decide: watermelon, or not to melon? (I’m trying pumpkins for the first time this year, and I’m concerned about available ground space. Moving before May is not an option, nor is tearing down the garage. Boo.)

I have enjoyed these months off with clean fingernails, but make no mistake: I am ready for spring.

Other great things in February:

  • My mama is planning a visit (we might paint the basement walls)!
  • Book club resumes!
  • I’m going to finish the house tour on this here blog!
  • At the end of the month, I’m paying a visit to a favorite city of mine!

US Capitol



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2 responses to “This shall be a great month.

  1. Dot

    What dates will you be in DC? Must plan for dinner shenanigans, at the very least!!

  2. you’re coming to my town! if you have some spare time and/or are around georgetown, let me know!

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