Before and After: Front Door

I spent the weekend re-watching Downton Abbey season 1 and painting our front door. After it was all said and dried, John pointed out that with the porch stain and the chosen color, our house looked like a muted Illini tribute. Luckily, that’s only a selling point in our community (or so we hope!).


IN PROGRESS (and unswept!):

(You might notice we also replaced the screen door. The window boxes are hibernating in the garage.)

This spring, we’ll likely paint the surrounding door trim (now white) the same color (Wrought Iron, a deep blue). Also, that rusted mailbox has gots to go.

Current contenders (add a love note, and it’s a perfect Valentine’s day gift! hint hint husband):



Kitsch. (red, of course)

Do you have a favorite?


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