I’ll bowl you a strike in return.

My dad likes to tell one singular story from my college years, and that is how he almost had a heart attack when he learned that his daughter was spending his hard-earned tuition payments on a bowling class.

(To my credit, it was to satisfy a gym requirement. But I use the term “gym” loosely here, as no one forbid you from ordering cheese fries during class).

6 years later, I’m pleased to report that those skills are going to be put to some good use.

On March 3rd, I’m bowling to benefit our local Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization. Big Brothers, Big Sisters is a community organization aimed at nurturing children and building stronger communities. The effects that a positive adult mentor can have on a child’s life are incredible, and I urge you to learn more about this worthy organization here.

This-Here-City will never be my hometown, but there are times where I feel the strongest sense of ownership towards it – more so than St. Louis, where I lived for 18 years; more so than Kansas City, where I fell in love; more so than D.C. and Cambridge, where I learned how to be independent. When I moved here 2 years ago, I had the realization that it was up to me to make this my community, and with that came the requirement of personal investment. Thanks to my involvement with the local Junior League and Crisis Nursery, I’ve become so very aware of all the things that are broken, but also of how such things can be mended. Mind you, I’m writing this on my lunch break, after waking up at dawn to care for babes-in-crisis prior to starting my workday, so I know how very true this is: it’s not easy work, but it is so worth doing. 

More so than you donating, I would love if you would find an organization in your community to invest in. But as practicality requires: this is a fundraiser, so I would also love your money. You can support me here (every penny counts!).


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