I’m at the place where I have so much to do, I’m coping with the stress by not doing anything. Clearly, this is not a sustainable. Gah! I used to be so much more responsible.

A quick update for you neglected friends of mine (and lovely strangers): 

– My DC trip was a total success, a wonderful get away, a soul-restorer and ego booster. I even fulfilled a life-long dream of getting to ride the underground train on the Senate side! (Should you doubt my enthusiasm, rest assured that when I tell that story in person, my voice raises two octaves). 

– I’ve been busy painting the basement (be gone absurd-mint-green-concrete-walls!) and I’m excited to show them off when it’s ready. So, get as excited as you can about seeing someone else’s basement, as that is going to happen. AND YOU WILL LOVE IT. I hope. (Yea!)

– My tulips are popping up, and we are closer to spring and seeds and tomatoes than we are to snow and ice and misery, and that is worth a toast (or two!).



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2 responses to “Unproductive.

  1. Seriously?! You and I have the EXACT SAME bed cover! But gosh darn it, I never bought the pillow covers!! It’s official, we are sharing the same brain.

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