Much improved.

We’ve had some lovely weather this week, and while that’s resulted in a gnat infestation (ew) and a visit from a family of ants (ew, ew), it has also allowed me to bring out my shovels and wheelbarrow and get some dirt under my fingernails, and I am all the better for it.

You see, I am a different person when Spring arrives, in the best ways possible.

Putting to use my plant-light construction from last summer, we’re farming from seeds only this year. WOAH! (I know, I’m nervous too!). But rest assured, after 5 days our lettuce seedlings have emerged, and I’m sure our spinach, rosemary, green onions, and petunias will be soon behind those babies. And while those are busy growing in our basement, J. and I have been keeping busy in the yard.

John and I have been passively debating the necessity of this mini fence (which cuts our yard into 2) for 2 years. Well, I finally won (huzzah!), and John indulged me by getting out the hand saw after work today. After this monster is slain, we’ll be re-laying the edging bricks (since I installed them crooked last year … whoops), and building up the landscaping in that flower bed. And yes, replacing that horrid door (don’t worry).

I know I promised you a house tour, and a basement update, and those should happen … sometime. 🙂


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