A summary of weekend accomplishments.

  • The mini fence is gone, and we do not regret it for a minute, second, millisecond. I’ll show you a photo once the landscape shuffling is complete (… April?).
  • J. and I unexpectedly took 2 ferry rides this weekend. I wish I knew how to program my GPS to give me a heads up “Oh, by the way, this route will TAKE YOU ON A BOAT.” (Ferry rides in farmland? you ask inquisitively. We sped to St. Louis for a night and were directed to get there via the RIVER. Color me surprised.)
  • TULIPS. What?!
  • I bought a cultivator for the garden, and all my seeds are planted and under lights. BOOM. Last frost is expected by April 17th (for our area), although with the forecast in the 80s all week long that’s likely a unneeded estimate. I’m about a week behind where I should be, but I’m hoping my grow lights will give me the advantage (fingers crossed!).

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