Before/After Laundry Room.

I hate to say it, but my interest in blogging is waning a bit. My schedule is fuller, my to-do is longer, and with the largest changes made at the Cottage, the things to share are less exciting.

I mean, this post is going to be about our laundry nook. Case in point, yes?

But it is a lovely change worth a slight bit of bragging, so please indulge me:


The laundry nook is in the basement, which no one would ever call a thing of beauty. This is the only photo I have of it from before we moved in:

On one of her first visits, Mama J. painted the basement floor.  I would have never thought of that, but she has a particular distaste for unpainted concrete floors. She wages war on them, really. So we moved in, and a few weeks later my mom arrived and labored away in the basement, producing a uniformly grey floor. It made a big difference, and seeing as I didn’t have to put forth any effort, it’s a project I love dearly.

In progress:

Early decor was based haphazardly around leftovers. I painted the drywall and the cabinets with whatever we had on hand, and found home for homeless artwork. Eck, please excuse all the laundry.

That mystery door leads into John’s office:

Laundry is mostly my chore, and I have an elaborate sorting system that utilizes 11 baskets. (Putting that degree to use!) It’s a thing of art, really.


(I had the foresight to remove our laundry for this round of photos).

With the help of my dear mama, we filled in the cracks in the concrete wall, then painted the previously-mint-green boundaries + brick pillars white (using concrete paint, natch). The shelving were repainted in white, and we repaired the built-in-ledge (on which the baskets rest) to give it a solid top and painted it to match the rest of the nook. I consolidated the artwork, and touched up the concrete floor.

It’s amazing how brighter and cleaner the entire nook feels now. White paint for the win!



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6 responses to “Before/After Laundry Room.

  1. parrish4april

    What a difference! Also, I’m going to need you to share what this elaborate 11 basket system is?! How am I only getting by with two? AND if you quit blogging then you and I have to become pen pals because we have to stay in touch. How else will I feel like I know you so well even though we’ve never met?! 🙂

    • My laundry system, by basket:
      1. delicates
      2. John’s work shirts (he insists on doing those himself)
      3. towels and sheets
      4. dishtowels and dog blankets
      5. jeans
      6. reds
      7. blues
      8. yellow / pink (they share a basket, but not loads!)
      9. other shirts that John insists on doing himself
      10. darks
      11. whites / lights

      It’s evolved into 11 baskets because I have the space. It’s incredibly indulgent, I admit.

      You are too sweet! I suspect I’m just in a creative lull … but gardening season is right around the corner, so that will probably cure it. 🙂 I’m glad we’re blog friends!

  2. Elise

    I love this! I really admire how much work you two put into making your house a home. And, I have to admit, I love your aesthetic–a “keep calm” sign has a significance in a laundry room that is not lost on me, even if it was unintentional!

    And, is that chalkboard paint?!

    And, lastly, you have to keep blogging because, with your permission, I am going to add your blog to my “blogs that I read” on my (infant) blog.

  3. Oh please keep blogging. I love your updates.

    And oh-my-gosh, I laughed out loud about your laundry baskets and was really happy to see the helpful breakdown in the comment above. You would most definitely cringe at the fact that all my colors, fabrics and styles go straight in to a washer set on cold together! Oh dear. 🙂

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