Things I irrationally have very negative feelings towards, humorously.


#1. Raised gardening beds.

Among homesteading trends (chickens! bees! canning!), raised gardening beds seem to be gaining in popularity. And they shouldn’t, because they are stupid.

Unless you soil is poisonous, you should be gardening in the ground. There’s no reason to spend moolah on extra dirt and cedar wood planks and a weekend of time and labor, when you can inexpensively till up a section of yard, add soil amendment, and be done with it. IN ADDITION, you should really turn your soil annually (prior to planting) and add amendments as necessary. When your soil is locked up in a wooden box, that job is much harder. (Isn’t it? I’ll admit to judging with limited raised-bed experience).

Plus, they look like little coffins.

I simply loathe them.

Related to homesteading trends: John’s been talking about us becoming bee keepers, and chances by chances, we happened to meet a bee keeper at our local co-op (classic Urbana!) who invited us to visit her hive. I’m more excited than I thought I’d bee.




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2 responses to “Things I irrationally have very negative feelings towards, humorously.

  1. parrish4april

    My hubby insists on doing raised beds and it drives me crazy. I grew up on a farm and there’s no need for fancy raised beds. When we first moved to the triangle we had a rental house where someone had gardened in the same spot for 7 years. MAN! That soil was fertile. NOW where we live, in the house we bought, the soil is awful!

    Something I have irrational anger towards humorously: The fact the Love Grown Granola keeps sending bloggers FREE granola, when they aren’t even gluten free bloggers!?!?!? Jealous much?! 😉

    • Have they sponsored a give away on GHM yet? If not, they should! That stuff is delicious, but too expensive for my tastes … (I’m currently loving Udi’s GF granola, the cranberry type – I add extra Craisins and coconut). 🙂

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