Garden Update.

I’m putting on my construction hat and digging out my staple gun this weekend, as it’s clear that the strawberries are going to ripen early and some sort of protective measure must be built (and built soon) to prevent the squirrels and birds from eating them all. Also, I planted peas without thinking about the fact that peas must be trellised, so a trellis needs to be created. Neither of these projects are particularly exciting to me, but I’ve lost my husband to the craziness-of-the-end-of-his-semester, so Pasha and I shall forge ahead alone.

Unless, of course, you want to come visit, dear Internet? 🙂

If such things interest you, you might be surprised to learn that the directly-sown lettuce and spinach (meaning I plopped those seeds directly in the ground with little fan fare) are doing yards better than the babies languishing under grow lights (who, conversely, are in special potting mix and are misted daily and chatted to often). So much so that the grow-light-babies were told to suck it up and face Mother Nature on Sunday, when I planted them, and almost all of them perished. (Yes, I hardened them off prior). Lesson learned: direct sow your lettuce and spinach. That’s a lesson I probably could have learned online for free, but my learning style is what it is.

Conversely, my zucchini, cucumbers tomatoes and peppers are all killing it downstairs under the grow lights. Technically, today is our last frost date (happy last frost date!) but I don’t begin to trust prairie weather well until May, so in the basement they shall stay (for now).

Lastly, with the removal of the mini-fence, I’ve been in the middle of quite a landscape reshuffle, resulting in the need to lay (and relay) new (and old) brick edging. Instead of focusing on any of the areas that truly need it, I bricked in the back garden plot as an early birthday present to John (he claims it makes mowing easier). And look – it curves!



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4 responses to “Garden Update.

  1. First, HOLY STRAWBERRIES! I expect some homemade jelly.

    Second, PASHA! GET OUT OF THE GARDEN! Gah! What is it about dogs and gardens? We have raised beds (and the dirt is still craptastic) and our dogs love them. For goodness sakes.

    Third, you may want to rethink the conversation you’ve been having with your lettuce and spinach. Clearly you have insulted them! Have you been praising the tomatoes in front of them?! Big no-no.

    • Pasha is ALWAYS in the gardens. She’s recently begun to bury her toys in the back plot, which is new for her … oh boy. And you are right – I never did consider the lettuces’ feelings! That must have been the problem. Kindness counts!

  2. Mary Ann

    I love your garden updates.


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