A weekend of progress.

I declare the strawberries protected:

Using the wood from our demolished fence, I built a frame around the strawberries. After installing hooks on the frame’s interior, J and I attached bird netting (traditionally used to protect fruit trees) to cover the entire patch. Stakes were used to prevent the netting from resting too heavily on the plants, although the netting is lightweight enough that it’d probably do fine without them. The bees can get in, other critters cannot, and the entire solution isn’t too hideous. Let us rejoice with strawberry shortcake (once the berries are ripe, of course)!

In lui of building a fancy pea trellis (another garden to-do), I took a short cut and bought a tomato cage (the triangle kind). The internet warns me that it’s likely to be too short for the plants … oh well. The truth is, peas just don’t inspire me to put forth a lot of effort.

We also hooked up our beautiful new rain barrel, and I laid the pavers for the garage door walkway (a necessary addition to prevent our bikes from getting all muddy in the summer months). And to celebrate all of this productivity, we visited a local nursery, where I bought some leeks and lavender to plant.

This weekend (if you are interested in such things), I’m hoping to finish the last of the very-worst chores. With the mini fence gone, I have plans to expand some landscaping, meaning some sod has to be removed (ugh) and brick edging relaid (blah). After that, however, the yard will be set (well, enough) for company … which is important, as it’s still bonfire weather and I’m craving marshmallows.


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