Let us rejoice, for the dark time of laying edging and removing sod is behind us. The rain (and tornado watches) held off until Sunday, giving me enough sunshine to finish up the big landscaping project. Hurray!

Friday evening, I picked close to 20 cups of berries (clearly, the bird netting worked!). We prompt ate half, froze some, and shared the wealth with our neighbors.

On Saturday, I finished this project:

Last year, the bed wasn’t a consistent width and I planted without a plan (don’t plant without a plan!). While it was an improvement from the weeds that were present when we moved in, the end result was disappointing. Now, the bed is a consistent 40″ wide, and I shuffled the plants for symmetry’s sake. I also widened the back bed, giving the blackberry bush, Asiatic lilies, and irises a bit more breathing room. Order restored.

I also evened the edging in this new bed, and sowed seeds in the empty spaces (basil, chamomile, oriental poppies and lavender … we’ll see what grows!):

I relocated the potted plants from the raised bed, and sowed seeds there (zinnias, carpet of snow and morning glories). It’ll be interested to see what thrives in this spot – it gets some awkward sun. Nothing much to look at yet, though.

The lettuce, spinach and leeks are all doing well. I planted some marigold seeds (to attract bees), and then put the rest of the babes (from under our lights) into the soil. So far, we’ve lost 2 zucchini plants, but everything else keeps keepin’ on. (Don’t mourn, squash seeds sprout quickly, so replacements will happen this week).

We re-arranged the patio furniture, and I took some time to enjoy this show:

And oh! We put the window boxes up (hurray!) and I filled in the front planters (hurray x2!), but that will have to be another post.


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