This is only exciting to me and J.

Our new fridge arrived today, and it was delivered by the same strong fellow that delivered all our other appliances in the past two years. If I had known that everything except the stove (knock in wood, puhlease!) was going to die within 2 years of buying the Cottage, we may have jumped on that stainless steel bandwagon. Oh well. Our kitchen shall continue to be non-trendy. Lord knows the green countertops aren’t helping anything anyway.

If you’ll let me brag for just a moment, I shall tell you that our beautiful new side by side with internal filtration and a working ice machine (hallelujah!) was purchased at a steep discount thanks, inadvertently, to my iPhone. Home Depot price matches, you see, and after finding a model that would fit inside the Cottage’s kitchen, I plopped myself down in the Garden Center and did google search after google search on my phone to find the best price in all the internets. Sears Outlet offered the same model for $720, compared to Home Depot’s $1200 (though in full disclosure, HD was offering a promo of $200 off anyway, so the price would have actually been $1000). HD price matched with no complaint, so we saved almost $500 from the sticker price, nearly $300 from the real price. Add free delivery and free haul away (I lurve you, Home Depot) and this unexpected expense became a bit easier to swallow.


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