The marathon begins next week.

Life is about to get very full, dear Internet, but oh so exciting!

Next week, I start my Masters in Social Work (!). I also start a new work schedule, which I have to survive until August. In August, I start a new job at the University (while continuing classes – it’s an assistantship! and it’s going to be amazing!), which I’ll hold until May. In May, I’ll start 6 months of field work. After that, I’ll be a-graduating (Lord willing!). And after that? I can get to work fixing this dreary world of ours.

Blogging may be few and far between … or it may be as frequent as ever. I’m not quite sure yet. But I hope you’ll stick around, either way. By the end, I should have some great stories to tell.

(A small point of business: I’m searching for a replacement for my current job, so if you know of anyone with grant writing experience and an interest in consulting, get in touch! Local is preferred, but telecommuting may be an option for the right person.).

So, here we go!


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  1. Yay! Exciting changes 🙂

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