The Last Weekend.

John left for Ireland, and after dropping him off at his 5 AM bus to the airport, I couldn’t fall back asleep and instead cleaned the entire house and weeded the garden. Then I organized John’s dresser. (He’ll be annoyed by that).

My mom visited, and we chopped down the 6 trees and countless weedy-vines that populated the alleyway alongside my garage. We also got pedicures and saw The Very Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (it’s very cute).

My neighbors returned from Hawaii and gave me chocolate covered macadamia nuts as a thank-you for caring for their garden while they were gone. I plan on eating them for dinner.




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4 responses to “The Last Weekend.

  1. Elise

    I hope Brett cleans the apartment when I am gone house-sitting next week (although preferably not my dresser)! I am worried that I am going to come home and find that a sort of New World Order has emerged whereby our house is run by a dust bunny dictator. . . .

  2. pedis – love; movies – love; John in Ireland – why didn’t you go too?!?!

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