Garden Update, long overdue.

I’m sure, oh so sure, that you have been awaiting news about my garden and summer crop yields and about what critters have returned to terrorize or be terrorized (yes?). It may be long neglected here on the blog, but in real life, the garden still claims a portion of my (ever-shrinking) free time and a larger portion of my should-be-doing-something-else-time (like writing papers!).

So here’s a quick (maybe?) summary of the Cottage’s Farm, although mind you that I wrote this more than a week ago, so things look slightly larger and a bit thirstier these days.

Before the heat wave melted our faces off, I’d spend the 5-6 PM hour weeding + watering + harvesting + hollering at John to look at this insert-something-amazing-here!, which he’d typically ignore, bless him, and then we’d do this:

But it’s been so hot that mostly I’ve been ignoring the dear plants until the sun goes down and then I would water them, usually while wearing my pjs, meaning I developed a charming habit of climbing into bed slightly damp, smelling of tomato plants. I’m lovely.

What are we eating, you’re asking? Well, we’re thigh-high in zucchini season. Despite best efforts, I can never spot my zukes until they are the size of my arm. And, oh my, the banana peppers! Always the over achievers. My green peppers will barely look at me, and here my banana peppers are simply spitting fruit all over the place. If I were in class and my garden were a dysfunctional family unit, I’d label the banana pepper plant the hero child.

Do you want to see the plots?

Upper Plot

Home to the strawberries and lettuce (now done, with one plant remaining), my attention is focused on the 8 carrots I managed to grow by seed, 2 zuke plants, leeks, 3 sad tomato plants (also from seed! basement survivors!), marigolds, and pumpkins that are filling in this tiny space. The mulch hasn’t stopped all the weeds, but it has made a difference in the number.

The new flower plot:

(The problem with planting flowers from seed is that you can never quite anticipating spacing …). And truly, this picture is a week old and the plot looks completely different already. The morning glories (the climbing vine you see) are so advantageous that I would not be surprised if they tried to strangle me in my sleep. Also, the zinnias bloomed (although not in this picture)!

The Back Plot

As usual, I’m growing tomatoes (6 plants here, 3 plants in the upper plot), peppers, another zuke, and cucumbers. The newbies are spaghetti squash (4 on the vine so far!) and garden beans. I did peas-from-seed, which were such failures I’m striking them from my memory forever. Someone told me that planting basil amongst your tomatoes increases yield, so I did that too. I’m never going to do the math to see if it works, so let’s just say it does.

And oh, the containers! The babes that could not fit in the ground have become refugees in pots: another tomato plant, 2 peppers, a smattering of herbs and some flowers. With the heat, they have become the biggest burdens (they dry out so quickly!), bless their stupid little stamens.

As for critters, I’ve seen 5 praying mantises this year, which is 5 more than I’ve seen since I was 13 and my science teacher gave us extra credit to bring them into the classroom to become class pets. A family of bunnies made the mistake of moving into my herb garden, and were terrorized by Constable Pasha on a daily basis until they moved away. Squash bugs have returned (and war is being waged, don’tyouworry).

So that’s that, Dear Internet.



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2 responses to “Garden Update, long overdue.

  1. I’m so jealous of your back yard! It looks lovely!

  2. You should start these off with: Dear Marlow, Here’s my amazing garden. Be jealous!
    Because lady I am!! Man oh man. I wish my backyard was that bountiful. Too bad you can’t eat or sell dog poop, pine straw, or ticks cause I got a lot of that.

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