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Add this to your reading list.

Wild, by Cheryl Strayed.

Not to sound too book snobby, but I requested this book from the library long before Oprah picked it for her book club. Cheryl is Dear Sugar, which you know I love. And the book? Well, I finished it in three days, in the shadow of a looming paper and 4 chapters of required reading and a full time job that’s reduced my sleeping to 5 hours a night, and it was definitely worth it.



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Always carry a book.

You never know when it’ll come in handy.

For instance, you might be doing someone a favor by driving a large truck from St. Louis to Middle-of-IL when one of those truck’s tires starts to give you trouble. When you call your mother (source of infinite wisdom!) for advice, she then might convince you that THE TIRE IS DANGEROUS, which is how you end up in a small town with only one gas station. And then, when you try to re-fill that tire with air, you’ll discover the problem: a tear the size of your fingertip, and suddenly, you’re stranded for 2 hours while you wait for AAA to come fix it. A book, you see, will come in handy and suggests to all your new-local-friends-who-are-complimenting-you-on-that-there-nice-truck that you’re too pre-occupied to discuss how many animals it might pull, but thank you anyway!

Luckily, it was a beautiful day and there was a bench nearby, so I just pretended I was on vacation (I find I only read outside when I’m on vacation).

I’m in the middle of A Good Hard Look, which tells a fictionalized story of Flannery O’Connor’s life in the South. At first, that sounded akin to horrible historical fiction, but it’s not, no, not at all, Dear Internet! Definitely worth your eyeballs’ exercise.

I had a lovely weekend, previous adventure excluded. Saturday was spent at a family reunion (dad’s side), where I secretly willed my sister-in-law to go into labor so I can meet that sweet nephew of mine (didn’t work). Then that evening, it was off to a Cardinal’s game to celebrate my mama’s birthday. John ended up staying home sick with a sinus infection (oh, and he was so sad about it – trust me), but the silver lining was that a favorite local friend was able to join me.

I know that summer is ending and weekends like this are numbered, and that makes me sad.


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Book Club, September Edition.

I recently joined a book club, and thought that you, Dear Internet, might be interested in joining too. Quite clearly, you won’t be coming to the actual meeting (but I shall enjoy some chips + dip on your behalf!), but if you’d like (would you?) we could ramble on in the comments section at a later date. Or – do chat rooms still exist? Goodness, this is might be the only time in my life where I believe a chat room would be a good idea.

This month, we’re reading Say Her Name by Francisco Goldman. It’s a heartbreaker, and an except (or short story re-telling?) (The Wave) was featured in The New Yorker this past February, which is how I know it’s a heart breaker. It’s great writing though, friends (in my humble opinion!). Pick up a copy at your library, and let’s chat about it at the end of September, yes? (Anyone?)

Say Her Name, Francisco Goldman

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What I’m Reading (also known as, let’s just cry together).

In less than 24 hours, I finished this:

One Day – David Nicholls

I tend to avoid sad books because I like to read in public places, and crying in public makes everyone uncomfortable and crying over a book in public makes you look silly. So, in the worst way possible this book caught me by surprise, but luckily I only had to explain my red eyes to John. Still, it’s a good read and we all know I’m a tad sensitive so maybe you and your cold, cold heart will handle it better.

What I Need to Re-Read:

The Book Thief – Marcus Zusak

When I was in England, a friend picked this up at a hostel while backpacking and it slowly made the rounds of our floor. It also made me cry, but I read it mostly at night in bed so I avoided making all of England uncomfortable with my public displays of emotion (unlike when I read The Kite Runner, which I took ON A TRAIN. MISTAKE). It’s also a great, great, great read and I’m re-reading it because it’s being discussed at book club next month. You’ve probably already read it, you trendy thing you, but in case you haven’t, you should.

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